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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Nellore- Say Goodbye to Pain

Teeth is an essential part of your body helping you to chew food and speak without any flaws. Out of all the teeth we have, wisdom teeth are quite special, but also painful at time. The enormous molars known as wisdom teeth are the last to erupt in your mouth, typically between the ages of 17 and 24. While some people only get one wisdom tooth (one in each corner of the mouth), others get up to four. In many cases, wisdom teeth develop without any problems, but if there is not enough room for them to expand, they may get impacted or wedged in.

Their misalignment may result in tooth, jawbone, or nerve injury. This is when the dentist recommends for the removal of wisdom tooth. The removal of wisdom teeth is also influenced by the fact that it often hurts or swells.

The removal of a wisdom teeth varies as per the situation. Sometimes, removing a wisdom tooth involves a simple surgical operation carried out under local anesthesia. At Allen Royal Dental Clinic, we offer the best wisdom teeth removal treatment in Nellore with all precautions.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

This third pair of molars, which protrude from your gum and crowd the other teeth, can be a major pain in the neck and cause extreme agony. However, a healthy wisdom tooth in the appropriate place rarely creates issues. But there are chances of facing issues when below things happen-

If you are facing below issues, you will need to consider wisdom teeth removal surgery-

What is the Procedure of Wisdom Teeth Removal at our Clinic?

When you visit Allen Royal Dental, you get complete understanding about the procedure for the extraction. The procedure we follow is safe carried out by qualified and experienced dentist at your clinic. The wisdom tooth is meticulously extracted under local anesthesia. To remove the tooth, the surrounding bone may occasionally need to be cut back. Stitches are used to close the gap created by the extraction to stop any bleeding and promote healing.

Post-surgery, there is a high chance of swelling and pain around the region for few days. You will have to avoid consuming hard food items. Our dentist will provide you with complete dental care routine after the surgery.

Why Choose us for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Nellore?

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Wisdom teeth removal dentist in Nellore at Allen Royal Dental Clinic offers complete assistance and help you overcome the pain. We provide top-quality dental care and wisdom tooth extraction procedures at the most reasonable prices. Do connect with us for more information.